The Best Cosplay At NY Comic-Con 2011

I had the opportunity to check out this years NY Comic-Con and it was awesome. These were some of the funniest, weirdest, sexiest and coolest costumes from the event.

Ran into some familiar faces

ID: 15304

I asked for a bite

ID: 15308

Fell in love.

ID: 15309

Voted cutest couple at Comic-Con

ID: 15329

Pedobear stole all the girls

ID: 15314

Sexiest Wonder Woman seen this weekend

ID: 15317

Sean photobombing the Kick-Ass crew

ID: 15318

I tried to help.

ID: 15319

Sad Batgirl is Sad.

ID: 15321

Streetfighter x Mortal Kombat

ID: 15326


ID: 15330

Cool shirt bro.

ID: 15332

The Avengers Assembled!

ID: 15339

Yes, he is a pair of balls

ID: 15341

Now you’re thinking with boners, errr portals.

ID: 15345

Eddie Mcclintock from Warehouse 13

ID: 15352

Long cat was long.

ID: 15379

mind. blown.

ID: 15358

yeah, here too.

ID: 15359

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