23 Reasons Gina From “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Is The Best Character On TV

“At any given moment I’m thinking about one thing: Richard Dreyfus hunkered over eatin’ dog food.”

1. She’s not afraid to speak her mind.

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2. She bestows her wisdom upon us.

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3. She asks the tough questions.

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4. She won’t lower her standards.

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5. Girl knows how to enjoy a sandwich.

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6. She doesn’t underestimate her self worth.

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7. She’s multi-talented.

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8. Her advice is wrapped in Disney metaphors.

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9. She’s an entrepreneur.

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10. She gives the best pep talks.

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11. She loves her family.

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12. She has fabulous style icons.

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13. She admits when she’s wrong.

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14. She dances like an angel.

ID: 2619144

15. She has the best ideas.

ID: 2619120

16. Her insults are on a whole other level.

ID: 2619129

17. She’s always prepared.

ID: 2619126

18. She had a tough childhood.

ID: 2619136

19. She has no time for negative energy.

ID: 2619131

20. She could easily run this country.

ID: 2619167

21. She’s a hot commodity.

ID: 2619151

22. Basically, she’s just better than you.

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23. Gina is a flawless human being.

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So in conclusion:

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