Top 10 Most Spherical Animals

As an animal’s body-shape approaches sphere, it’s cuteness approaches infinity. And there are ten of them. [Ed. note — There are bound to be more examples of spherical animals. Share your favorite round creature in the comments!]

1. Lede sphere.

ID: 1186452

2. Happy Sphere

ID: 1186434

3. Sphere in Snow.

ID: 1186437

4. Rock Hyrax Loves Spheres. He Eats Spheres. With His Hyrax.

ID: 1186428

5. Swine Sphere

ID: 1186458

6. Hidden Sphere

ID: 1186431

7. Dual Spheres

ID: 1186440

8. Spheres Around Spheres.

ID: 1186423

9. Indiscernable Sphere

ID: 1186464

10. King of Spheres.

ID: 1186436

11. BONUS: The ideal sphere.

ID: 1186435

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