18 Animals Trying To Sell You DRUGS

Come sit with me on my Doritos-dusted paisley couch.

1. Pssst!

ID: 1131403

3. Wanna buy JRUGZ??

ID: 1062670

5. Touch this throw rug, man. Just feel it.

ID: 1131828

6. Isn’t it soft??

ID: 1131815

7. No rush. Let me put on this dank song for you.

ID: 1131856

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Ffunny Ffrends”

ID: 1133250

9. OK, here’s the deal: I have three marijuanas.

ID: 1131182

10. Actually, 12 mari-huanas.

ID: 1131806

11. All of the mari-huanas.

ID: 1131818

12. Don’t buy from that other crimepunk in a Toyota.

ID: 1131198

13. Look at this face. Can this face tell a lie?

ID: 1131567

14. Nope.

ID: 1131382

15. We’re good? Follow me down this creepy gutter.

ID: 1132455

16. Have you ever wondered this?

ID: 1131811

17. No? OK, sorta running out of awkward small talk here…

ID: 1132491

18. So…

ID: 1132407

19. Five? You said five, yes? Excellent.

ID: 1132557

Here are your drugs. That will be 3 billion dollars.

ID: 1132877

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