Things You Can Buy At The Zombie Apocalypse Store

Your one-stop shopping center for the impending face-eating zombageddon. This store was stumbled upon in San Diego during Comic-Con. We bought something that we shouldn’t have.

1. The Zombie Apocalypse Store Was Located In The Basement Of A Haunted House In Downtown San Diego. They Had A Variety Of Things For Sale.

ID: 435570

2. Like Glow Sticks.

ID: 435572

3. Emergency Stoves.

ID: 435571

4. Gas Masks.

ID: 435573

5. Twinkies.

ID: 435574

6. Meals Ready To Eat.

ID: 435581

7. Bags Of Emergency Water.

ID: 435583

8. Emergency Survival Blankets.

ID: 435585

9. Knife Sharpeners.

ID: 435584

10. Pepper Spray.

ID: 435575

11. Hand Grenades (Not Functioning).

ID: 435576

12. Tasers (Functioning).

ID: 435578

13. In Fact, They Had A Variety Of Tasers, All Of Which The Proprietor Was Happy To Demonstrate For Us. There Was This Flashlight Taser.

ID: 435579

14. This Little Pink Taser.

ID: 435580

15. And This Cell Phone Taser. We Were Very Impressed.

ID: 435582

16. So Much So, We Bought The Little Pink Taser. Then This Happened. It Was A Very Bad Idea.

ID: 435605

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