The Hottest Trends In Crossplay At Comic-Con

This season’s trendiest looks for cross dressing costume play at the San Diego Comic Book Convention, or: CROSS COS AT COM CON! There weren’t that many dudes dressing as women, but ladies love cool Thor.

1. Assassin’s Creed

2. Meta Rocky Horror: A Woman Dressed As A Man Dressed A Sweet Transvestite From Transexual Transylvania

3. Man Leia Never Goes Out Of Fashion

4. There Were Several Lady Lokis

5. But An INSANE Number Of She-Thors


Notice the sleepy Baby Hulk.

13. There Was A Distinct Sub-Trend Of Shevengers, Including Iron Lady And Nicki Fury

She-Thor flanked by her favorite accessories, Man Hathaway and Scarlett Jomanson.

16. Lady Link

17. Ms. Magneto

18. Biclops From The X-Women

19. Marilyn The Martian

20. Lady Lantern

21. Pokewoman

22. Gotta Catch A Shekachu

23. Boba Femme

24. A Pair Of Darling Vaders

25. She-Stan And Cross-Kyle From “South Park”

26. Ms. Mario

27. Female Finn From “Adventure Time” Was Another Hot Commodity

30. But The Most Popular Crossplay Was Probably Dr. Who

38. Trans-Tardis Was Also In This Year


If the Tardis even has a gender…vehicles and robots were a grey area.

42. But Let’s Not Overlook The Best Catman At Comic-Con

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