23 Snazzy Nail Ideas For Thanksgiving

Fall leaves, pies, and turkeys everywhere!

1. Googly Eyed Turkeys

Get inspired here.

ID: 1987069

2. Autumn Ombre

Check out the technique here.

ID: 1986886

3. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Find out how to here.

ID: 1986955

4. It’s Pie Time

Get the details for this design here.

ID: 1986936

5. Glitz and Gobble

Grab the right colors here.

ID: 1987033

6. Turkey Drumsticks

See the breakdown here.

ID: 1987055

7. Turkey Feathers

Get the feathered look here.

ID: 1987281

8. Argyle Sweater

Check out more details here.

ID: 1987179

9. Fall Flowers

Peek at the tutorial here.

ID: 1987153

10. Trees and Turkeys

Take a look here.

ID: 1987112

11. Sweet November

Get the exact colors here.

ID: 1987045

12. Snoopy, Woodstock, and A Turkey

Take a look here.

ID: 1986977

13. Pumpkin Spice Sparkle

Watch the video here.

ID: 1987168

14. Orange Ya Glad We Had Turkey

Get a tutorial here.

ID: 1986832

15. Dreamy Dreamcatchers

Get inspired here.

ID: 1987184

16. Golden Ticket

Find out how to here.

ID: 1987190

17. Falling Foiliage

Get the look here.

ID: 1987205

18. Turkey A La Metallica

Check it out here.

ID: 1987220

19. Color Me Gold

Find out more here.

ID: 1987226

20. It’s Dinnertime

Get a closer look here.

ID: 1987233

21. After Dinner Comes Dessert

Get the exact colors here.

ID: 1987239

22. Cranberry Mood

Learn the technique here.

ID: 1987250

23. Pumpkin Candy Cane

Get the breakdown here.

ID: 1987258

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