33 Things That Will Make You Homesick For Brazil

Que saudade!!!

1. Sunrises and beautiful weather, like, every day!

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2. Beaches swarming with tons of beautiful people.

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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3. Lime, sugar, and cachaca as your go-to cocktail, aka caipirinhas.

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4. Guaraná as a soda, and not as the extract in 5-Hour Energy™.

Sylvie Cho
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5. Getting fresh coconut water on the spot.

ID: 1730224

6. Being allowed to drink a nice cold beer…at the beach.

Really anywhere, actually (except while driving, DUH).

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7. Pão de Queijo, or what others may know as “cheese bread.”

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8. Birthday parties with endless plates of salgadinhos and brigadeiros!


Fried goodness and chocolate truffles.

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9. Skewers upon skewers of juicy meat.

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10. Straw potatoes and corn on top of your hot dog.

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11. Bomboms = best chocolate ever!

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12. The second part of the song that comes after “Happy Birthday!”

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13. Live music everywhere you go.

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14. Also, the beach.

Salvador, Bahia

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15. Being around people who can samba.

Like this lady!

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16. Dressing up in all white and jumping into the ocean on New Year’s.

Natalia Zecchini
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17. Getting your costume ready for CARNAVAL!!!

Getty Images
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18. Releasing your inner country every June for Festa Junina.

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19. Volleyball…at the beach.

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20. Chanting your soccer team’s battle cry at a home game.

Mengão do meu coracao!!!

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21. Bumping into a capoeira presentation on the street.

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22. Kids running around and playing soccer in packs with their smiling faces.

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23. Getting your soap-opera fix every night on Globo.

Drama, drama, drama.

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24. Normally priced Havaianas that are not considered to be couture flip-flops.

The classics, before U.S. department stores got their hands on them.

ID: 1733594

25. Some of the most beautiful architecture in the world.


Oscar Niemeyer everywhere you look!

ID: 1731692

26. Waterfalls, on waterfalls, on waterfalls.

Iguazú Falls

ID: 1731533

27. Saying “what up” to J.C. every now and again.

Cristo Redentor

ID: 1731579

28. Did I mention the beach?

Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco

ID: 1730607

29. Putting your Nascar skills to use while driving a stick shift.

ID: 1733550

30. This song that you still can’t get out of your head.

Yes, even after two years.

ID: 1733660

31. These CDs that remind you of your childhood:

ID: 1733613

32. IVETE!!!

Getty Images

The Brazilian Diva.

ID: 1734200

33. And of course, watching this little breakdown of Pharrell and Snoop getting their samba on!

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