• freewheelinlibertine

      Is this really what people think when they see “sent from my iPhone?” In most emails that contain the signature, it isn’t used as an excuse for poor grammar; they have been grammatically correct. Though I agree that “sent from my iPhone,” usually means that the message is going to be short, it does not bother me because at least I know the answer. I can understand your frustration if the answer is not in detail or not sufficient enough to fully inform you though.  I’m not that strict with email etiquette probably because I don’t use it that much, and I usually email professors, so I’m used to getting short replies. The only thing that bothers me is when I ask for advice or help and all they respond is with, “yes.”

    • freewheelinlibertine

      Though I think he’s a great lyricist, he’s not a poet. Poetry is its own art form, and I don’t think it should be distorted into thinking it’s just poetic lines. In free verse, which is the more relevant form of poetry nowadays, have their own rules and each poem creates its own sort of form.
      It’s nice Poet Laureateship is being brought to the public eye, but poetry is different from lyrics.
      If you’re into poets that are still alive, check out Mark Doty. Some other poet’s that are great, but are Poet Laureates are Mark Strand, Ted Kooster, and Donald Hall. Robert Bly, Galway Kinnell, and Jane Kenyon are also great. Sharon Olds is pretty cool and funny. A really good performer is Sean Thomas Dougherty.