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    • flyyhighh25

      Coming from someone in the food service industry, it usually is not the people who have legitimate health concerns in regards to gluten that give us trouble. They are the ones who will politely explain exactly what gluten is, what kind of foods it can be found in, why exactly they can’t have it (i.e. celiac’s) and who don’t become a raging asshole when you are unsure of whether or not a particular item is gluten free. I don’t think it’s those people who have created this culture of everyone hating gluten-free people, it’s the ones who do it to be trendy or lose weight or have just fallen victim to the hype that surrounds being gluten free. Of course you’re going to feel better eating a salad than you would after eating a giant plate of pasta accompanied by 5 breadsticks so of course you’re going to believe that it was the gluten which made you lethargic and feel like crap when really one option is healthier than being a glutinous pig. The people who do it because it’s “in” are usually the pretentious jerks who get nasty with workers for not “googling what gluten is”… sorry I’m not a certified f*cking nutritionist. It’s not MY job to know what you can’t eat, I’m not your caretaker. If it’s something that is truly threathening to someone, they should be “googling” what they can have at my restaurant. But we do have a little thing called a gluten-free menu, it’s a wonderful thing that tells you what we have that will meet your dietary needs. Also, from a non service industry perspective, if you want your friends to be considerate when have a cookout or party, maybe you should realize that it is an expensive diet and you could always buy them the gluten-free ingredients and give them gluten-free recipes if you are too lazy and entitled to be bothered to make something yourself. Its absurd to think that you should be catered to just because you want to be skinny and are brainwashed.