What’s The Weirdest Tinder Message You’ve Ever Received?

“I’d like to strip you down and butter you like a slice of wonderbread.” Um no.

1. First impressions are always stressful. Especially when you’re online dating.

Flo Perry
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2. Some people put in a lot of effort on Tinder.

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3. But others go with the flow and keep it casual.

Flo Perry
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4. Others get freaky real fast.

Flo Perry
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5. Some add Illustrations to give an extra dimension to their Tinder opening lines.

Flo Perry
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6. But sometimes, words aren’t necessary at all.

Flo Perry
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7. Screenshot the weirdest opening line you’ve ever received on Tinder, and add it to the comments below!

Awards and badges will be given to the strangest submissions.

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