49 Things You Learned In School That Are Now Completely Useless

Congratulations. Your childhood education was all for nothing.

1. How to write in cursive

ID: 575632

2. How to drop an egg from a five-story building without breaking it

ID: 575623

3. How to climb a rope

ID: 575629

4. How to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder

ID: 575647

5. How to make the most badass erupting volcano

ID: 575652

6. How to find a book using the card catalogue system

ID: 575656

7. How to use long division

ID: 575658

8. Memorizing the periodic table of elements

ID: 575660

9. How to forge a river on the Oregon Trail

ID: 575662

10. Memorizing the preamble to the U.S. Constitution

ID: 575667

11. How to spell boobs on a calculator

ID: 575670

12. How to do the limbo

ID: 575700

13. Reciting the state capitals

ID: 575702

14. How to make a potato battery

ID: 575707

15. Learning to sing in a round

ID: 575712

16. How to make a Cat’s Cradle

ID: 575723

17. How to make paper snowflakes

ID: 575726

18. How to make a cootie catcher

ID: 575727

19. How to play foursquare

ID: 575728

20. How to do the Macarena

ID: 575731

21. How to keep a Tamagotchi alive

ID: 575735

22. How to make papier mache anything

ID: 575743

23. How to make a shoebox diorama

ID: 575777

24. How to care for a fake infant egg

Real children are slightly more complex.

ID: 575982

25. How to grow a plant in a wet paper towel

ID: 575811

26. How to line up by height

ID: 575826

27. How to color in the lines


ID: 575836

28. Latin

ID: 575842

29. Memorizing all of the presidents in order

ID: 575844

30. How to navigate the Encyclopaedia Brittanica

ID: 575871

31. How to find arrowheads

ID: 575874

32. How to dissect a frog

ID: 575878

33. How to say ‘no’ to drugs

ID: 575884

34. How to put a condom on a phallic fruit

ID: 575886

35. How to differentiate between different types of dinosaurs

ID: 575890

36. How to cite a source using MLA

UPDATED: Apparently our previous picture was not in MLA. English teachers everywhere collectively cringed.

ID: 575892

37. How to build a styrofoam solar system

Pluto’s not even a planet anymore. WHY EVEN BOTHER?!

ID: 575897

38. How to extract liquid from a pouch

ID: 575899

39. How to use WordArt for fancy fonts

ID: 575901

40. How to write poetry

ID: 575905

41. How to make an acrostic

ID: 575908

42. How to write a book report

ID: 575910

43. How to jump out of the back of a bus

Let’s face it: If your bus is on fire, you get the fuck out however you can.

ID: 575920

44. How to decorate for a dance

ID: 575923

45. How to sell worthless coupon books

ID: 575933

46. How to scratch and sniff

Have you ever tried scratching and sniffing someone in real life? Yeah, they don’t like when you do that.

ID: 575935

47. How to care for your Pokemon cards

Dude, your prized holographic Charizard card is worth like 15 cents.

ID: 575948

48. How to make a tornado in a soda bottle

ID: 575956

49. How to spell

Just spell check it, duh!

ID: 575968

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