25 "Seinfeld" GIFs That Speak To You On A Spiritual Level

Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Seinfeld. Let’s celebrate by acknowledging that we are all Jerry, George, Elaine, & Kramer.

Independence Day is all well and good but Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of the premiere of “Seinfeld”. Besides simply being the greatest American sitcom of all time, the show about nothing also gave us plenty of wonderfully GIF-able moments that reflect how we feel on an average day.

Here are the GIFs:

1. Seinfeld is why there’s a generation of socially inept adults now.

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3. How does one be a professional in corporate America?

4. You try to find anything to distract you at work.

5. Eating your feelings is a practiced art.

6. So you’ve never learned how to hide your disgust…

7. Family car rides are getting harder as you get older.

8. You want your own Summer of George.

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9. You know how to have a good time.

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10. You’re beauty, you’re grace.

11. Ignoring someone’s texts or calls is the highlight of your day.

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12. You plan your outfits based entirely on comfort level.

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13. You have a very specialized skill set.

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14. George understands you. Deeply.

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15. You love your friends. Really.

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16. No, really. You do.

18. Your favorite word.

19. You’re in a healthy, mature relationship.

20. You’re respectful of your elders.

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21. You never get easily frustrated.

22. You enjoy high-brow comedy.

23. You have a sophisticated palate.

24. You love your neighbors.

25. You’re a shoulder to cry on for your friends.

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