Face Off!

Face Off!
Let's settle this shit once and for all.
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  • winner

    Winner: Cats!

    Impartial judge here: We’ve tallied the results, and the winner of Cats vs. Dogs is cats. To make the decision, I eliminated everything posted by Jack or Tanner, and then tallied all the pro-dog posts in one column, and all the pro-cat posts in another. The cats column had a much larger number! Meow, or something. Con-cat-ulations! View Image ›

    Face Off! 4 years ago 74 responses

  • collection

    Cats Vs. Dogs (Ultimate Battle)

    We’re going to figure this one out scientifically. Pick a side! Post your argument for why your side is better in the form of a video or an image. At the end of today, one animal will be declared winner by an impartial judge. The losers will be banned from this site for a week, just like they deserve. Cats or dogs, people. Which is it? Let’s settle this shit once and for all. Read More ›

    Face Off! 4 years ago 146 responses