19 Horrifying Vegan Problems

Being vegan is harder than you ever imagined. These are just a few of the daily horrors we face in this unrelenting nightmare we call “life.”

1. When you are completely unable to control yourself at Whole Foods:

ID: 1856862

2. When you run out of B12:

ID: 1856112

3. When you realize you forgot to Instagram your seitan picatta:

ID: 1856134

4. When this nightmare situation happens:

ID: 1855940

5. Or this one:

ID: 1856199

6. When otherwise intelligent-seeming people try to argue with you that plants have feelings:

ID: 1856269

7. When the supermarket only has this Ramen:

ID: 1856289

… and not this one:

ID: 1856292

8. When everyone you know is suddenly a nutrition expert:

ID: 1856310

9. Not being able to get past Level 5, no matter how hard you try:

ID: 1856321

10. When your food is delicious, but finicky:

ID: 1856363

11. This:

ID: 1856511

12. This:

ID: 1856517


ID: 1856560

14. Constantly dying because of protein deficiency:

ID: 1856850

15. When the pharmacy doesn’t stock Tom’s of Maine toothpaste …

ID: 1856625

16. … or deodorant:

ID: 1856703

17. “Can’t you just pick the cheese out of it?”

ID: 1856906

18. The unrelenting, debilitating terror that this might be the case:

ID: 1856874

19. And, of course, that whole desert island thing …

ID: 1856380

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