36 Reasons Why We Will Miss Bookstores

Bookstores, in case you haven’t been in one recently, are perfectly lovely.

1. They are hilariously passive-aggressive.


A sign from the Red Emma’s bookstore & coffee shop in Baltimore.


“If you are struggling and have no idea what to buy those loved ones, do like so many other fine and upstanding women by visiting the Franklin & Wolfe Variety Store and engage in a stimulating exchange of knowledge with the throngs of folk looking over our fine store!! Especially examine our fine school supplies, as well as games! Our shelves are also continuously filled with special books and curios which have been stocked for the delight of all your many children!

See proprietor for detailed information about why it is always important to read between the lines.”

5. They are literal-minded.

9. They have an endearingly idiosyncratic way of classifying things.


16. They are (sometimes painfully) honest.

19. They give great life advice.


Seen at Lorem Ipsum Books in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

22. They are practical.


Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle.

27. They are, occasionally, vindictive.

30. They are (sometimes overly) familiar with the greats.

31. They have a keen sense of irony.

Found written on a used bookstore’s copy of Slaughterhouse 5.


33. And an eye for the big picture.

34. They delight in the perverse.

35. Often, they are quietly wonderful.

36. And they will not go quietly into this good night.

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