21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

People aren’t always awful. Sometimes, they’re maybe even just a little bit wonderful. Here are 21 pictures to remind you of that fact.

1. This picture of Chicago Christians who showed up at a gay pride parade to apologize for homophobia in the Church.

(Michelle Gantner / Maladjusted Media)

ID: 374814

… and the reaction from the parade.

(Michelle Gantner / Maladjusted Media)

ID: 377564

2. This story about Japanese senior citizens who volunteered to tackle the nuclear crisis at Fukushima power station so that young people wouldn’t have to subject themselves to radiation.

ID: 374821

3. This picture of two Norwegian guys rescuing a sheep from the ocean.

ID: 374812

4. This sign at an awesome bookshop.

ID: 374813

5. This poll about what Snooki should name her child.

ID: 374815

6. The moment in which this Ohio athlete stopped to help an injured competitor across the finish line during a track meet.

The Daily Call, Mike Ullery / AP

17-year-old Meghan Vogel was in last place in the 3,200-meter run when she caught up to competitor Arden McMath, whose body was giving out. Instead of running past her to avoid the last-place finish, Vogel put McMath’s arm around her shoulders, carried her 30 meters, and then pushed her over the finish line before crossing it.

ID: 374816

7. This exchange between a 3-year-old girl and a shopping center.

ID: 374820

8. This note that was handed to a waiter along with a $20 bill by an elderly lady in his restaurant.

ID: 374819

9. This sign at an awesome Subway restaurant.

ID: 377815

10. This picture of a villager carrying stranded kittens to dry land during floods in Cuttack City, India.

Biswaranjan Rout / AP
ID: 374822
Biswaranjan Rout / AP
ID: 374825

11. This sign at an awesome drycleaner’s.

Plaza Cleaners in Portland, OR, helped over 2,000 unemployed workers who couldn’t afford dry cleaning. The store’s owner estimated that it cost his company $32,000 dollars.

ID: 374826

12. This photograph of a man giving his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro.

ID: 374827

13. This picture of a firefighter administering oxygen to a cat rescued from a house fire.

(TOM BAUER/Missoulian)

ID: 374823

14. And this one.

Chris Butler / AP
ID: 377593

15. This interaction between a Guatemalan girl and a tourist she just met.

ID: 377696

16. This gesture from a neighbor.

ID: 374828

17. These photos of two children collaborating to rescue a dog who had fallen into a ravine.

ID: 377806

18. This note on a young family’s check.

ID: 374829

19. This exchange between a protester and a soldier during a protest in Brazil.

(Imagens/ TVBA)

ID: 374831

20. These pictures of a man jumping into rough waters to rescue a stranger’s Shih Tzu in Melbourne.

ID: 374866

Sue Drummond was walking her beloved Shih Tzu, Bibi, on a pier in Melbourne, when a fierce gust of wind picked him up and hurled him into the rough waters of the bay. A passerby, Raden Soemawinata, who happened to be on the pier that day to scatter his grandmother’s ashes, wasted no time in stripping down and diving into the bay to rescue the animal.

(Photos: Chris Scott)

ID: 374867

21. And this photograph of two best friends on a swing.

ID: 377836
ID: 412147

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