30 People Who Should Have Their Dating Privileges Revoked

Don’t be any of these people. Just don’t.

1. This world-renowned expert at TMI.

ID: 1405711

2. This persistent person who thinks your skin looks smooth.

ID: 1404877

3. This excellent parent/mathematician.

ID: 1405786

4. Anyone who has way too many abs.

ID: 1405487

5. Sex attics, generally.

ID: 1405493

6. This insanely optimistic man who is not a fan of Michael Cera.

ID: 1404942

7. The gentleman who thinks “no” is just a preamble for “yes.”

ID: 1405072

8. The guy who has a keen but misguided sense of ethics.

ID: 1405110

9. The religious man who tweets at McKayla Maroney 100 times a day.

ID: 1405123

11. This cat.

ID: 1405231

12. Anyone who ends their sentences with “text me.”

ID: 1405358

13. Jim H.

ID: 1405370

14. Anyone who thinks this technique is going to work.

ID: 1405402

15. Anyone who has trouble setting appropriate life goals.

ID: 1405791

16. Anyone who tries to pull this look off.

With the exception of the actual person pictured who kind of made it work?

ID: 1405404

17. This hilarious jokester.

ID: 1405720

18. Anyone who photoshops their “best face” onto all their pictures.

ID: 1406459

19. Anyone with fantastic areolae.

ID: 1405779

20. This man in a towel.

ID: 1405707

21. Anyone who gives you this friendship seeking card.

ID: 1405540

22. The dude with the box of hair in his yard.

ID: 1405816

23. Anyone who says “hot spot” and “you Know” in the same sentence.

ID: 1405715

24. Anyone who ever says “Hey ladies,” and then keeps talking.

ID: 1405583

25. Any and all practitioners of the karaoke bedroom technique.

ID: 1405609

26. This person who unlocked her inner beauty.

ID: 1405668

27. This master of logic.

ID: 1405587

28. Anyone who is doing this with their life.

ID: 1405752

29. *Tilts head*

ID: 1405688

30. And this loudmouth.

ID: 1405795

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