19 People Who Just Want To Watch The World Burn

This is a public service announcement: Stay away from these lunatics. They are not natural.

1. The demented monster who designed this bathroom floor pattern.

ID: 809917

2. And his sick, twisted brother in arms.

ID: 810940

3. The dangerous anarchist who violated this Bubble Tape.

ID: 809920

4. The psychopath who aligned this manhole cover.

ID: 809924

5. The vicious nihilist who does this with her Coke.

ID: 809932

6. This future posterboy for “America’s Most Wanted.”

ID: 809934

7. The sociopathic criminal who removed the tube from this roll of paper towels.

ID: 810911

8. This insane and wicked grocery store clerk.

ID: 810917

9. The sadistic peddler of misery who designed this jigsaw puzzle without edge pieces.

ID: 810932

10. This dangerous and unpredictable science fiction fan.

ID: 810937

11. Calvin Rickson

ID: 809914

12. The twisted genius behind this pizza-slice-cutting technique.

ID: 810938

13. The depraved bedlamite who packaged these Harry Potter books.

ID: 810945

14. The evil mastermind behind this game show question.

ID: 810946

15. That dude who haunts your nightmares and puts toothpaste in your Oreos.

ID: 810953

16. The future oppressive tyrant who had this idea.

ID: 811024

17. The unstable criminal mastermind who parked her car here.

ID: 811063

18. This subversive extremist.

ID: 828955

19. And pretty much any cat ever.

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ID: 829137

This post has been brought to you by Disaster Girl.

ID: 828968

…and Olde Time Disaster Girl.

ID: 828979

…and Disaster Puppy.

ID: 828986

…and these cows. “Bye bye,” say these cows. “Bye bye.”

ID: 828971

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