17 London Underground Maps You Never Knew You Needed

Some map porn for cartophiles. Is that a thing? Regardless, these are delightful.

1. A circular tube map.

ID: 990966

2. This gorgeous London Underground map from 1908.

ID: 990972

3. Or this attractive 1933 version.

ID: 990975

4. The London Underground-style map of the world.

ID: 1000253

5. And, while we’re at it, the London Underground-style map of the galaxy.

ID: 1000228

6. The life expectancy map.

ID: 1000242

7. The (extremely) minimalist tube map.

ID: 1002382

8. The orbital railway - plotting the Tube, rail and DLR, tram, and cable car line onto a topologically accurate map.

ID: 1000244

9. London, as it would look if the tube map was totally accurate.

ID: 1000258

10. And the tube map as it would look if it was actually accurate.

ID: 1000312

11. The delightful anagram tube map.

Click to view the full map in all its anagrammatic glory here.

ID: 1000321

12. The actually underground map of the underground.

ID: 1000331

13. The chromatic map (represents “the intersections between the colours of the lines when their opacity is set at 50%.”)

By Fransico Dans. Buy it here!

ID: 1002392

14. The Tube-map of the Doctor Who universe

Click here for the full version.

ID: 1002424

15. The Daily Mail’s “moral underground” (2010)

Created by The Poke. Click here for the full version.

ID: 1002418

16. The extremely useful toilets map.

ID: 1000335

17. The spiral tube map (spirals out from the most densely connected station)

Buy it here.

ID: 1002394

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