The 40 Cutest Things That Happened This Year

Real good year for cute things, you guys. I honestly think we will look back on 2012 as the year when cuteness finally hit the big time. Excellent work, everyone!

40. A goat wore some mega-stylish boots to help with her arthritis.

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39. A dentist had the brilliant idea of bringing his golden retriever into the office to comfort his patients.

ID: 753081

38. A corgi puppy ran in HD.

ID: 757851

It looked really great.

ID: 757852

37. A seal waved hello.

ID: 757854

36. A seal waved good-bye.

ID: 759468

35. Hamlet the mini-pig went down the stairs.

ID: 759742

34. A brown bear woke up from hibernation…

ID: 757858

…not totally ready to face the workday, but definitely getting there.

ID: 760234

33. A dog became a lawyer.

ID: 760197

32. Some people brushed a sleeping prairie dog. Always a good idea.

ID: 757861

31. A pygmy hippo named Prince Harry gave a lucky lady a kiss.

ID: 757866

30. An attempt to put socks on a dog did not go well at all.

ID: 753085

29. A deer was born, and she was immediately awesome.

ID: 753070

28. We all found out what a wet koala looks like.

ID: 757983

27. A lot of pugs found gainful employment as Etsy models.

ID: 757986

26. A really top-notch panda was born in San Diego.

San Diego Zoo / AP
ID: 757988

25. An extremely courteous dog helped a girl get a drink of water from the fountain.

Newspix / Rex / Rex USA
ID: 757989

24. A baby duck chased a man.

ID: 759730

23. The coolest dog ever went for a walk.

Marco Ugarte / AP
ID: 757995
Marco Ugarte / AP
ID: 757998

22. A husky surprised another husky with a clandestine kiss. Like, really surprised.

ID: 759464

21. Animals with stuffed animals of themselves was a thing again. And it was a very good thing indeed.

ID: 759480

20. A kangaroo and a lemur played tag

ID: 759731

19. Echidnas came back in style in a big way.

Tim Wimborne / Reuters
ID: 759754
Tim Wimborne / Reuters
ID: 759755
Tim Wimborne / Reuters
ID: 759757

18. Cats and babies finally found a few things they could agree on.

ID: 759490

17. This happened.

ID: 759497

16. Two kittens fell in love in a laundry basket.

ID: 759501

15. Some 2-legit-2-quit baby otters were born…

ID: 759504

…and proceeded to eye everything warily.

ID: 759747

14. An orphaned baby elephant found a new family to love.

ID: 759764

13. Dogs carrying smaller dogs in tiny baskets was a thing.

ID: 759506

12. An overworked cat fell asleep on the job.

ID: 759594

11. A mischievous sloth photobombed the hell out of some bros.

ID: 757867

10. Dogs were shamed…

ID: 760473

9. …and redeemed.

ID: 760498

8. Someone threw Ludwig the baby elephant a birthday party, and he LOVED it.

ID: 753082

7. Thor Hedgehog. THOR HEDGEHOG.

ID: 757994

6. A raccoon was overwhelmingly grateful for some treats. “For me?” asked the raccoon. “Yep, for you, buddy. No one else around here even eats raccoon food.”

ID: 759483

5. Marmot Boy was friends with marmots!

Caters News
ID: 760289
Caters News
ID: 758089

4. Someone surprised this baby red panda

ID: 753053

3. The most dramatic picture ever taken of a fugitive seal happened after a zoo escape.

ID: 757974

2. A possum broke into a bakery and ate so many danishes that he couldn’t leave.

ID: 759797

1. And someone discovered a cat island.

ID: 760163

A cat island is an island where cats make all the rules.

ID: 760166

The rules are mostly just being awesome and having a great time.

ID: 760169

Everybody loves their lives on the cat island. Cat islands are the best kinds of island.

ID: 760178

The end.

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