The 30 Biggest Animal Jerks Of All Time

It’s tough to be cute and vindictive at the same time, but these guys pulled it off in style.

30. The seal who singlehandedly ruined the chillest seal party ever:

29. The dog who “just wanted to see what would happen”:

28. The cat who doesn’t think you really deserve any relaxation time:

27. The stingray who was all, “Peekaboo! Now get out of my house”:

26. The dog who didn’t appreciate being licked back:

25. The cat who didn’t say it was OK for you to stop:

24. The monkey who didn’t say it was OK for you to stop:

23. This cat who has no respect for the sanctity of someone else’s dinnertime:

22. And this even more devious cat who has no respect for the sanctity of someone else’s dinnertime:

21. The ungrateful pug who took “hard to get” way too far:

20. The cat who stole the dog’s bed and then really rubbed it in:

19. The world’s second-worst feline roommate:

18. The world’s worst feline roommate:

17. And the world’s biggest goat bully:

16. The sheep who hates everyone:

15. The bird who ruined a perfectly nice wallabee’s day:

14. The cat who, frankly, doesn’t really love you:

13. The Mean Girls puppies:

12. Stalker duck:

11. Stalker crow:

10. The genius canine inventor of the classic “shovel trick”:

9. The world’s most inconsiderate dog:

8. Australia’s most unpleasant kangaroo:

7. The cat who just does it because he can, and because he is bored:

6. Cat Machiavelli

5. Cat Machiavelli’s greatest disciple:

4. The dogs who heartlessly mocked a crawling baby:

3. The Mean Girl goats who shunned their friend

2. The infamous sled-stealing snow dog:

1. And the puppies who found a cat wandering around in the wrong neighborhood:

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