11 Reasons Why Lifting The U.S. Horse-Meat Ban Is A Good Thing

Congress is about to end a four-year ban on horse slaughter in the U.S. Some people are upset about this, but here are 11 reasons why it’s actually a good idea.

1. Horses are stupid.

ID: 42015

2. Horses are stupid and mean.

ID: 42017

3. Horses are idiots.

ID: 42018

4. Horses are stupid idiots.

ID: 42020

5. Horses are mean to cats.

ID: 42021

6. Horses are uncoordinated.

ID: 42024

7. Horses are bad at spelling.

ID: 42026

8. Horses have dumb expressions on their faces.

ID: 42027

10. Horses ruin everything.

ID: 42029

11. Horses are attention whores.

ID: 42030

In conclusion: Horses are idiots.

ID: 42031

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