What Women Think About Going To The Gynecologist

It’s not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows!

1. You realize it’s time for your yearly checkup.

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2. And it’s more annoying than anything else, but you’re just like…

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4. Then the day of the appointment comes.

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5. And when you finally get into the room, they give you a sheet of paper to wear as a dress.

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6. Then you sit, wearing your sheet, and wait. And wait. And keep waiting.

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7. Until the doctor finally shows up.

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8. And you kind of wish you were back to waiting.

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9. Because then they pull out the speculum.

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10. And it’s just like…

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11. But more than anything, you want the doctor to know…

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12. So, the doctor tries to make small talk and asks you how many partners you’ve had in the past year.

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13. But when you answer honestly…

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14. They seem to judge you.

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15. Understandably, you might get defensive.

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16. In the end, though, you pull your pants back on and calm down.

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17. That is, until they say they’ll call with the results of your pap smear.

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18. So, you wait for the phone to ring.

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19. And you call in some favors.

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20. Until the doctor calls with the good news.

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21. And you celebrate with a dance.

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22. Bidding farewell to this whole, awful experience.

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23. Until next year…

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