This Peter Pan Wedding Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Siri, how do I get to Neverland?

1. What does it take to pull off a Peter Pan themed wedding?

Photographer Andy Sams and his team took on the challenge of transforming a space in Austin, TX into something truly magical.

ID: 1637639

2. First you’ll need an invitation, of course.

ID: 1637643

3. Followed by a sprinkle of some fairy dust.

ID: 1637595

4. OK, maybe a lot of fairy dust.

And a fairy to help you, naturally.

ID: 1637599

5. If you have a wand handy, even better!

ID: 1637594

6. You’ll need someone brave to guide you through Neverland…

His name might start with “Peter” and end in “Pan.”

ID: 1637615

7. Especially because of the crocodiles, they’re kind of everywhere.

ID: 1637648

8. Seriously, there are a lot of crocs and you need to be careful!

ID: 1637647

9. If you see a glittering bottle, just make sure it’s not poison.

ID: 1637662

10. And if you hear the sound of a ticking clock, just know that Captain Hook is probably close by.

ID: 1637649

11. Next, you’ll need to always be mindful of the rings.

ID: 1637597

12. If you’re afraid of losing them, you can tie them tightly to the cover of a book.

Why not Peter Pan, for good measure.

ID: 1637598

13. When you get the chance, indulge in a little cake.

ID: 1637612

14. Or a chocolate teddy bear.

Michael’s favorites, obviously.

ID: 1637618

15. Top all of those happy thoughts off with a flying leap for joy.

ID: 1637617

16. And when you need a break from all of the excitement, you can sneak off to a magical hideaway.

ID: 1637651

17. You’ll find plenty of feathers there.

ID: 1637658

18. And maybe even beautiful Wendy Darling will make an appearance.

ID: 1637623

19. Most important of all: Make sure to live happily ever after in the end.

These two sure look like they’ve got that one down. To see all of the vendor and styling info for this event, make sure to check out Andy Sams website.

ID: 1637667

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