This Japanese Car Ad Will Absolutely Terrify You

Warning: You may start screaming.

1. Before we watch the ad for this Japanese tire company, you should know that it comes with an advisory warning:

“Not for the faint of heart video.”

“Please refrain from watching the content if any of the following applies to you: Have any mental or physical health concern and may have to see a doctor regularly”

“We shall not be liable for any injuries, illness, and damages claimed to be caused by watching the contents either.”

ID: 2119636

2. OK, you’ve been warned…

By the way, if you’re curious as to what it says at :27, it translates to: “Does your car have snow tires…?”

ID: 2119511

3. Well. Now I’m completely terrified.

Hughes Entertainment

Thank you, Autoway, for proving just how terrifying snowy roads can be.

ID: 2119682

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