22 Things Only People With OCD Will Understand

Please just leave me alone while I obsessively wash my hands for the next half hour.

1. Order and symmetry are two extremely underrated things that you think about a lot, actually.

I mean… What IS this, even?!

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2. When it comes to cleaning, you’re the only one who knows how to do it just right.

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3. And even when you’re in someone else’s apartment, you feel the overwhelming need to fix things.

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4. You know the importance of rituals — and the terror that awaits if you don’t perform them.

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5. You can be a bit of a hoarder.

Sure, you could throw that old movie stub away, but… No, you can’t throw this away because what if you need it for something?!

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6. You’re afraid of this nightmare happening every time you pump gas…

ID: 1723580

7. But this is like winning the damn lottery.

Now, if only it were 8 gallons, then it could be perfectly divided into the $16, and… OK, I’ll stop.

ID: 1723622

8. This will haunt your dreams for several reasons.

Aside from the lack of symmetry here, they’re not even in proper stoplight order!

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9. Sometimes people say that you think about things “way too much,” and deep down you know that they’re right.


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10. Superstitions? Yes, you know all about those, because you obsessively follow them to a tee.

And you know that if you don’t follow the rules of that superstition, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. (Personally, I am very superstitious about jewelry. I have been thinking about the fact that I left my lucky necklace at home all morning. Pray for me.)

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11. Your closet is organized by color and shade, because any other way would drive you insane.

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12. Something that would be seemingly trivial to a normal person can destroy your entire day.

Like, you will think about this circle and its lack of closure for a long time. All day. Right now.

ID: 1723675

13. Eating is SUPER-duper fun.

Patterns abound. Remove the seeds first. Place them neatly to the side. Take a bite. Repeat.

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14. Dating can also be really, really fun for you and everyone involved.

ID: 1723823

15. Whenever you tell someone about your OCD, you constantly worry that they’ll think you’re a total weirdo.

Which is a shame, because you’ll be obsessively thinking about what they’re thinking for the rest of your life.

ID: 1723759

16. Constantly trying to even out your eyebrows, lipstick, and eyeshadow, even though it’ll never be perfect enough.

ID: 1724708

17. You spend a lot of time washing your hands, and just seeing this makes you want to wash them for another half hour.

Or for however long it takes to feel OK again.

ID: 1724080

18. You become consumed with repeatedly checking things, something that you logically know is ridiculous.

So, to soothe that anxiety, you…compulsively obsess about something that you logically know is ridiculous.

ID: 1724272

19. Your friends are used to your panic attacks by now.

Even if you aren’t.

ID: 1724228

20. If you hear a noise in the night, you can’t simply just go back to sleep. You will obsessively check the house until you find the source.

Even if you never find the source…

ID: 1724185

21. Having the same morning routine for getting ready, and being really mad when one of the steps gets compromised.

ID: 1724772

22. And when anal-retentive people claim to be “totally OCD” about cleaning, this is your reaction:

Oh, and you’re really happy to see that this ended on an even number.

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