The 20 Most Important Milestones When You’re A Twentysomething

You can cook mac ‘n’ cheese without reading the instructions?! Well, you’re winning at life.

1. Graduating, LIKE A BOSS, and never having to take another test again.

Unless you go to grad school, in which case — sorry, more tests for you!

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2. Moving out of your parents’ house for good.

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3. Buying a piece of furniture that’s NOT from Ikea!

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4. Getting your first grown-up job out in the real world.

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5. And then getting promoted to a job where you don’t have to do other people’s bitch work.

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6. Figuring out a budget, sticking to it, and really* coming to love budget meals.

*Not really.

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7. When you realize how awesome you are and finally end that toxic relationship.

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8. And when you find someone equally awesome that you might be able to spend the rest of your life with.

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9. That moment when you don’t need to ask your parents for money and it’s just like… OMG FINALLY.

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10. When this magical thing happens:

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11. When you find a group of friends that feel like a second family.

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12. And being smart enough to say good-bye to the friends you don’t need.

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13. That moment when you no longer give a shit about how much you weigh, because you’re awesome at any size.

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14. When you hear someone younger say a ridiculous thing, and it feels good to not be them.

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15. Realizing that even though some of your twenties have totally blown, all of those experiences have made you way stronger.

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16. Totally owning your high school reunion.

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17. Getting more refined hobbies.

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18. Getting blackout drunk and NOT texting your ex! Hooray!

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19. Learning how to cook yourself a delicious and nutritious adult meal without burning down the house.

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20. Not being afraid to act like a goof, because you’re an adult now and you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Ride that duck with pride, sir!

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