The 13 Most Important Comic-Con Sightings At Preview Night

The night before the Con really gets crazy, was still pretty crazy. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… an awesome cosplay outfit.

1. These two ladies looking fierce to death in their cosplay outfits.

Erin La Rosa

Maybe these two should get their own spin-off show?!

ID: 1382423

2. These super plush STD toys.

Erin La Rosa

“Catch them all” is possibly the greatest tagline ever.

ID: 1382396

3. This cover girl holding the issue of Girls and Corpses that she posed for.

Erin La Rosa

Her name is Tera Patrick, in case you’re into that kinda thing… No judgments.

ID: 1382409

4. This superhero who took his enormous homemade costume out for a stroll.

Erin La Rosa

Watch where you’re pointing that thing, guy!

ID: 1382424

5. These twin superheroes who should definitely get their own comic book series.

Erin La Rosa

Super Cute and Super Bad to the rescue!

ID: 1382394

6. These cat ears that respond to how you’re feeling.

Erin La Rosa

That’s right, your brainwaves control them. That’s some sci-fi craziness.

ID: 1382415

7. This amazing woman who totally dekked out her wheelchair.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1382429

And it was the most badass thing ever.

ID: 1382426

8. This comic book, titled Two Headed Cop.

Erin La Rosa

Say… what?

ID: 1382435

9. Deadpool! (Who’s secretly a kid.)

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1382444

10. The Chewbacca and TARDIS robes that everyone should own immediately.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1382445

11. Rick Grimes watching the Con from the safety of his guard tower.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1382447

12. The gathering that happened at Magic: The Gathering.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1382451

13. And these plush poo toys.

Erin La Rosa

Don’t pooh-pooh my poo toy.

ID: 1382449

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