The 28 Scariest Parts Of Living By Yourself

Remember when you thought being on your own was the best thing ever? Yeah, those were the days.

1. In general, the dark.

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2. Or waking up in the middle of a nightmare when it’s still completely dark outside and being forced to try and fall back asleep.

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3. Judgment from the pizza delivery guy when he realizes that XL pie is just for you.

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4. The possibility that you’ll eat the entire pizza and die of happiness, because there’s no one around to help and/or judge you.

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5. And the inevitable carb hallucinations that will follow and result in this.

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6. Sleeping through your alarm, because there’s no one to wake you up.

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7. Pretty much anytime you watch something scary, then realize no one can hear you scream.

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8. Any kind of sound in the middle of the night, even if it’s just your own breathing.

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9. When one of these dudes stops by for a visit.

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10. Same goes for these monsters from space.

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11. The possibility of this happening.

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12. The fact that you might become so lonely that you host cat dinner parties.

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13. Anytime the phone rings and it’s an unknown number, which likely means it’s a serial killer.

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14. Or anytime you hear someone in the hallway and they seem to be inching dangerously close to your doorframe.

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15. Having to do laundry by yourself.

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16. Being the only one who has to pay all of the bills, and having to make the difficult choice between HBO and Showtime.

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17. The fear that all of the doorknobs in the room you’re in will fall off, leaving you trapped inside.

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Because you won’t be able to send one of these handy notes out the door.

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18. Accidentally locking yourself out of the apartment, and being judged by your neighbors when you try to kick the door open.

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19. Taking on an all-frozen-burrito diet, because there’s no one else you need to cook for.

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20. Enjoying one of those frozen burritos, forgetting to chew, and choking to death.

ID: 891521

21. This guy lurking outside your window, like a jerk.

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22. Being the only one around when Godzilla attacks.

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23. The eerie silence that fills your room late at night and makes you question reality, pretty much.

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24. Being home alone when this guy drives a car through your living room.

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25. In general, when anyone knocks on the door.

ID: 891653

26. Getting sick and being the only one at your personal pity party.

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27. Carrying all of the grocery bags up the stairs at once, because more than one trip is ridiculous.

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28. And the fear that your friends will find out you spend most of your time pantless, and Googling photos of cute animals.

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