The 15 Most Annoying Parts Of Having A Unique Name

Good luck getting Starbucks to spell that correctly on your coffee! (I’m a weird name sympathizer.)

1. You’ll never find a souvenir key chain with your name on it.

2. Or a mug, for that matter.

3. Just forget personalized souvenirs, OK?

4. Starbucks won’t ever know how to spell it.

To be fair, do they spell anyone’s name correctly?

5. If you’re ever on the news — for whatever reason — your description will look something like this.

6. And even if they do make an effort, it still won’t be quite right.


7. Every time you meet someone new, they’ll ask really annoying questions like, “What does your name mean?”

8. And “How do you pronounce that?”

9. Or “How do you spell that? Again?”

10. People giving you a “fun” new nickname because they can’t be bothered to learn how to pronounce your real one.

11. When this happens at school and you know there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

12. When technology autocorrects your name to something else entirely.

13. When you have a gender-neutral name and people mistakenly call you by the wrong pronoun over email. :(

Her, him, she, he…they’re all the same, right?

14. People reacting to your name by saying, “That’s weird!” or “Oh, interesting…” and “Huh, OK.”

15. And no matter how many times you pronounce your name, there will always be someone who will never say it correctly.

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Deputy Editorial Director, Cat Wrangler
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