The 15 Most Annoying Parts Of Having A Unique Name

Good luck getting Starbucks to spell that correctly on your coffee! (I’m a weird name sympathizer.)

1. You’ll never find a souvenir key chain with your name on it.

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2. Or a mug, for that matter.

ID: 1085655

3. Just forget personalized souvenirs, OK?

ID: 1085661

4. Starbucks won’t ever know how to spell it.

To be fair, do they spell anyone’s name correctly?

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5. If you’re ever on the news — for whatever reason — your description will look something like this.

ID: 1085414

6. And even if they do make an effort, it still won’t be quite right.


ID: 1085418

7. Every time you meet someone new, they’ll ask really annoying questions like, “What does your name mean?”

ID: 1085450

8. And “How do you pronounce that?”

ID: 1085490

9. Or “How do you spell that? Again?”

ID: 1085521

10. People giving you a “fun” new nickname because they can’t be bothered to learn how to pronounce your real one.

ID: 1085563

11. When this happens at school and you know there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

ID: 1085558

12. When technology autocorrects your name to something else entirely.

ID: 1085599

13. When you have a gender-neutral name and people mistakenly call you by the wrong pronoun over email. :(

Her, him, she, he…they’re all the same, right?

ID: 1085580

14. People reacting to your name by saying, “That’s weird!” or “Oh, interesting…” and “Huh, OK.”

ID: 1085574

15. And no matter how many times you pronounce your name, there will always be someone who will never say it correctly.

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