The 12 Most Horrifying Parts Of Having Bangs

Think before you cut, folks.

1. Pretty much anytime a sweaty situation happens.

Totally not cool, bangs!

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2. Having an enjoyable day at the beach ruined when your bangs totally blow into your eyes.

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3. The possibility that your bangs are actually too arousing, and will turn you into a sexual beacon of light.

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4. The fact that you need to go for “in-between” cuts or “bang trims,” which is just a fancy way of saying you’ll need to get your hair cut more often.

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And sometimes you decide to skip the middle man and just cut them yourself.

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But when you do, this disaster happens. :(

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5. When someone puts the car window down, and this unpleasant look befalls you.

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6. In general, the wind.

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7. When your bangs go rogue and don’t stay in place, like you’ve pleaded with them to.

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8. Or when they grow out and make everyone around you uncomfortable.

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9. When you wake up after a night of boozing only to find that your bangs are suffering the consequences.

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10. In general, having naturally curly hair.

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11. And trying to straighten your bangs despite the curl.

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12. And dealing with that thing that happens when you try to put on hair gel*.


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