29 People Who Will Make You Question Your Priorities

We’re all doing it wrong. So very, very wrong.

1. The athlete who’s busy keeping his beer safe.

ID: 1269483

2. This cinnamon roll enthusiast.

ID: 1269355

3. The person who knows EXACTLY what a lawn mower is for.

Hint: It’s for driving to the liquor store.

ID: 1269455

4. The 8-year-old Casanova, and presidential hopeful.

ID: 1269359

5. The criminals who really chose their prize wisely.

ID: 1269416

6. The driver who made sure to protect his precious cargo.

ID: 1269398

7. This man who knows the key to survival is Wi-Fi.

ID: 1269357

8. The girl who chose Reese’s ice cream over push-ups.

ID: 1269401

9. The Dexter fan who won’t be going to anyone’s birthday on Sunday.

ID: 1269400

10. The world’s best boyfriend.

ID: 1269402

11. The genius who made the best to-do list ever.

ID: 1269418

12. The man whose true love is his own beautiful goatee.

ID: 1269405

13. The guy who’s already married to World of Warcraft.

ID: 1269447

14. The zookeepers who don’t need any extra grief.

ID: 1269451

15. Whoever filled the “college essentials” shelf with Solo cups and pong balls.

ID: 1269457

16. Or the grandma who’d rather spend time with 3-D cats than anything else.

Well played, g-ma.

ID: 1270664

17. The person who stocked their fridge with ice pops.

ID: 1269460

18. And the kid who should definitely find the person with the ice pop fridge above.

ID: 1269420

19. The victim who knows alcohol is the true cure-all.

ID: 1269465

20. The girl whose real BFF is bacon hummus.

ID: 1269504

21. The responsible driver who made his brake priorities known.

ID: 1270630

22. The cat who hunts in his bowl.

ID: 1269473

23. This future NBA star.

ID: 1269476

24. The man who chose bathing in cheese balls over water.

Way to be, cheese guy.

ID: 1269574

25. Josh Groban’s antique-loving hand.

ID: 1269503

26. The significant other who needs to make an omelet.

ID: 1269505

27. The workers who put up these very important signs.

ID: 1269475

28. The mom who forgot her child but remembered the most important thing.

ID: 1269506

29. And the people who survived a flood with their beer in tact.


ID: 1269468

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