28 People Who Totally Fixed Everything

These folks are absolutely doing it right.

1. The person who made a replacement for their missing fire extinguisher.

ID: 1300830

2. The person who will never be late again.

ID: 1300256

3. The mechanic whose vision was more than just a pipe dream.

See what I did there?

ID: 1300219

4. The person who really needed to make a phone call, but was short a phone.

“Hello, God? It’s me, Erin.”

ID: 1300221

5. The careful driver who won’t let a broken headlight ruin her night vision.

ID: 1300166

6. The driver who solved that pesky missing window issue for good.

With something that might be cookie dough?

ID: 1300208

7. Or this other driver who WAS missing a door, until one proved itself worthy.

ID: 1300247

8. The sudoku teacher who discovered a GREAT pointer.

ID: 1300332

9. This wizard who fixed time!

ID: 1300201

10. This legit doctor.

Yo, boo, what’s your number? I have an emergency.

ID: 1300335

11. The person who made their land line WORK.

ID: 1300333

12. The wonderful person who found something to fill E4.

ID: 1300569

13. The driver who just got this awesome new bumper.

ID: 1300370

14. The driver who’s looking out for his exhaust pipe.

ID: 1300393

15. The BBQ master who really needed to grill something in a pinch.

ID: 1300724

16. The wisest commuter of all time.

ID: 1300734

17. The person who broke this plate, but you’d never know it!

ID: 1300751

18. The guy who crafted this DIY pill box.

ID: 1300770

19. The hard worker who solved the problem of where to sit.

ID: 1300771

20. The citizens who duct taped this street back together.

ID: 1300775

21. This mad scientist.

ID: 1300789

22. The person who will never, ever be the victim of crime.

ID: 1300791

23. The homeowner who turned their fence into something electric.

ID: 1300811

24. The person who realized how to afford a Ferrari.

ID: 1300814

25. The art enthusiast who helped this poor deer with his googly vision.

ID: 1300400

26. The driver who won’t leave home without a side mirror.

ID: 1300829

27. The person who totally fixed this snow covered sign.

ID: 1300815

28. And the driver who needs to flip on his brakes.

ID: 1301217

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