17 OkCupid Messages That Will Make You Happy To Be Single

These people need to not date.

1. The guy having a conversation with himself.

ID: 2448931

2. The guy who just REALLY wants a spaghetti dinner with you.

ID: 2384525

3. The message from this Alfred Hitchcock in training.

ID: 2448736

4. The guy who wants you to be his sister, sincerely.

ID: 2448773

5. The guy who’s already popped the question.

ID: 2448748

6. The guy who wants you to use a dildo on the first date.

ID: 2448765

8. The guy with this pickup line.

ID: 2384230

9. The guy who thinks you have nice calves, and stuff.

ID: 2384236

10. Mr. Facial.

ID: 2448789

11. Greg, the artist painter from Paris.

ID: 2448878

12. The guy who started with this:

ID: 2384238

13. This guy, who doesn’t want to waste any time.

ID: 2384264

14. The guy with this very important question:

ID: 2448901

15. The guy who really just needs a new place to crash.

ID: 2384330

16. The cyclist.

ID: 2448880

17. This Casanova.

ID: 2448928

So, how are you feeling? Happy to be single?

ID: 2384227

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