26 Kids Who Are Making Their Parents Proud

And by “proud,” I mean exactly the opposite.

1. This kid who invented a new function for tape.

Ears down, nose up—genius.

ID: 1089427

2. The kid who wants to warn his Uncle about the evils of Satan.

ID: 1089423

3. This little girl who balks at societal norms and loves her whore family regardless.


ID: 1089426

4. The future activist who isn’t afraid of using violence if necessary.

ID: 1089422

5. The kid who threw an impromptu intervention for his grandma who’s addicted to coffee.

ID: 1089460

6. The kid who already knows how to give zero fucks.

ID: 1089462

7. The kid who knows exactly what he wants to eat.

ID: 1089470

8. The future window washer.

ID: 1089472

9. The kid who has the ability to terrify with a single smile.


ID: 1089482

10. The kid who discovered a new way to wear pants.

ID: 1089489

11. The boy who bravely performed an exorcism on his baby brother during a photo shoot.

ID: 1089485

12. The aspiring zookeeper who has big plans for hippos and elephants.

ID: 1089483

13. The Paula Deen fan who likes to coat herself in butter before each meal.

ID: 1092212

14. The fashionista who’s using bowls as accessories.

ID: 1092314

15. The kid who does a great impression of what you should never do with pretzels.

ID: 1092223

16. The lothario who doesn’t see species, just opportunities.

ID: 1092235

17. The kid who isn’t afraid of death, because THERE IS ONLY LIFE.


ID: 1092309

18. The kid who loves being a backseat driver so much that he screams about it.

ID: 1092312

19. This artist.

ID: 1092451

20. The enthusiastic gynecologist.

ID: 1092375

21. The kid who isn’t letting horrible spelling skills get in the way of his future novel.

ID: 1089421

22. These kids who just want to make sure the plumbing is working at all times.

ID: 1092324

23. These kids who plan on living a life of leisure.

ID: 1092347

24. The extremely determined dentist.

ID: 1092315

25. The kid who knows where bad people go.

ID: 1092386

26. And the kid who won’t be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day under any circumstances.

ID: 1092390

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