16 Delicious GIFs That Show How Hostess Cupcakes Are Made

That creamy filling…oh sweet lord, I’m drooling.

1. This. THIS. Is a Hostess Cupcake in all its glory.

Flickr: 91499534@N00 / Via Creative Commons
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2. But do you know how one gets made? I’ll tell you…

ID: 3684283

3. First the ingredients for the “cake” part of the “cupcake” get mixed together into cocoa-y goodness.

ID: 3683594

4. Then the batter is set into this machine…

ID: 3683609

5. Where it fills up cupcake pans.

ID: 3683597

6. And the filled pans are sent off to an oven to bake.

ID: 3683576

7. Once they’re baked and cooled, it’s off to what is arguably the best part of the process.

ID: 3683616

8. When the cupcake gets filled with vanilla cream… (!!!)

ID: 3683666

9. Vanilla cream center = best of times for everyone.

ID: 3683654

10. MmmmMyGawd… vanilla cream filling.

ID: 3683644

11. The cupcakes get POPPED out of their pan by this handy machine.

ID: 3683630


ID: 3684021

13. Again, but closer and faster.

ID: 3684022

14. Heaven is a place on earth, and it’s on this conveyor belt of chocolate frosted cupcakes.

ID: 3684094

15. Finally it’s time for the finishing touch: THE SQUIGGLE MACHINE.

That’s what it’s actually called!

ID: 3684100

16. Each cupcake gets seven squiggles, give or take.

ID: 3684187

17. Seven frosted squiggly pieces of perfection.

ID: 3684194

18. And they’re off to be wrapped, shipped to a store, and most certainly in my belly.

All images courtesy of Food Network and Unwrapped.

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