16 Delicious GIFs That Show How Hostess Cupcakes Are Made

That creamy filling…oh sweet lord, I’m drooling.

1. This. THIS. Is a Hostess Cupcake in all its glory.

Flickr: 91499534@N00 / Via Creative Commons

2. But do you know how one gets made? I’ll tell you…

3. First the ingredients for the “cake” part of the “cupcake” get mixed together into cocoa-y goodness.

4. Then the batter is set into this machine…

5. Where it fills up cupcake pans.

6. And the filled pans are sent off to an oven to bake.

7. Once they’re baked and cooled, it’s off to what is arguably the best part of the process.

8. When the cupcake gets filled with vanilla cream… (!!!)

9. Vanilla cream center = best of times for everyone.

10. MmmmMyGawd… vanilla cream filling.

11. The cupcakes get POPPED out of their pan by this handy machine.


13. Again, but closer and faster.

14. Heaven is a place on earth, and it’s on this conveyor belt of chocolate frosted cupcakes.

15. Finally it’s time for the finishing touch: THE SQUIGGLE MACHINE.

That’s what it’s actually called!

16. Each cupcake gets seven squiggles, give or take.

17. Seven frosted squiggly pieces of perfection.

18. And they’re off to be wrapped, shipped to a store, and most certainly in my belly.

All images courtesy of Food Network and Unwrapped.

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