15 Brutally Honest Mother’s Day Cards From Kids

Kids sure tell it like it is…

1. This peen pony card.

ID: 2913425

2. The card that says you’re “Mostly Organized.”

ID: 2914054

3. The “Please Don’t Cook Anymore” card.

ID: 2911929

4. The “Sorry You’re So Old” card.

ID: 2914293

5. The “I Love You, but I Love Cake More” card.

ID: 2913462

6. The “You’re Terrifying” card.

ID: 2913604

7. The “I Love You More Than Snakes” card.

ID: 2913614

8. The “Thanks for the Netflix Times” card.

ID: 2913640

9. This “Remember When You Gave Birth?” card.

ID: 2913822

10. The “Dear Mom, I’m Kinda Weird…” card.

ID: 2914056

11. The “You’re Great, but You Could Be BETTER” card.

ID: 2914074

12. And this other “You Could Be Better” card.

ID: 2914236

13. The wino card.

ID: 2914109

14. The “I Know You Love Money, but I Have None” card.

ID: 2914278

15. And literally the cutest card in the entire world.

Happy Mother’s Day, mommies! Thanks for putting up with us!

ID: 2914060

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