"Beauty And The Beast" As Told By Kittens Is Magical

Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour. Bonjour. MEOW.

1. We all know Belle from Beauty and the Beast

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2. But now I’d like you to meet the kitten version of Belle:

As you can see, she’s very into (climbing) books, and her hair is luxurious.

ID: 2584962

3. In the kitten version of Beauty and the Beast, Belle likes to dance to “Tale As Old As Time” with the cat Beast.

ID: 2584949

4. And kitten Gaston still has a predictably thick neck.

The better to drink that beer with!

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5. It goes without saying that kittens recreating Disney films should continue to happen.

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6. Watch the adorable full kitten version here:

ID: 2584873

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