42 Things You Wish You’d Invented

Why didn’t I come up with that?!

1. The Pringles elevator, so you never have to tilt the can again.

ID: 1206714

2. These sweatpants that are also a dinner table and remote control holder.

You may never have to leave your couch again, friends.

ID: 1206388

3. This book leash, so your bath time reading doesn’t get soaked.

ID: 1205885

4. The easiest way to trick some poor kid into mowing the lawn.

ID: 1205887

5. This beer and peanut combo to fulfill all your bar needs.

ID: 1206011

6. This machine that spits out fresh pancakes in 45 seconds.


ID: 1206014

7. The evil genius who put an oreo inside a cupcake.

Thank you, evil genius baker person!

ID: 1206193

8. And the other genius who created a S’MOREO.

That’s a s’more and and Oreo. Mind. Blown.

ID: 1206015

9. But best of all is The Dipr: An Oreo dunking spoon that ensures the perfect amount of milk without any of the mess.

My stars…this changes everything. And nothing. It’s wonderful!

ID: 1206695

10. This car door handle that doubles as a bottle opener.

ID: 1206260

11. These boot-skates, so you can roll around while the “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” plays.

ID: 1206166


ID: 1206019


ID: 1206397


ID: 1206460

15. This new game called Hashtag.

ID: 1206191

16. This swimming pool for your car.

ID: 1206247

17. This bowl that makes soggy cereal a thing of the past!

ID: 1206266

18. Or this pillow that makes sure your arm doesn’t go numb and fall off!

ID: 1206267

19. The hair guard that helps you eat your noodles in a splash-free zone.

ID: 1206250

20. This tiny hat so your ears don’t feel cold.

ID: 1206394

21. The world’s safest umbrella.

ID: 1206300

22. And the bike that puts all your old rides to good use.

ID: 1206363

23. This stick of butter that just rolls onto your toast, meat, hell—even your lips.

ID: 1206304

24. These slippers that practically kill the roaches for you!

RIP, roaches.

ID: 1206338

25. A slide staircase, so you don’t ever have to use the stairs again.

Unless you want to walk up, but maybe you can just slide up? Somehow? Someone invent that.

ID: 1206656

26. This “moldy” lunch bag that ensures no one will ever want to steal your sandwich.

ID: 1206459

27. Umbrellas for the thing that needs them most: your feet.

ID: 1206519

28. The easiest way to wipe your nose, and ass.

ID: 1206547

29. The cake shake.

ID: 1206651

30. An edible espresso cup.

ID: 1206653

31. Marshmallows that won’t thwart your perfect s’more.

ID: 1206663

32. This amazing way to put on sriracha.

ID: 1206670

33. This foot opener, so you’ll never have to touch a bathroom door handle again.

ID: 1206677

34. This witchcraft.

ID: 1206679

35. This bowl and straw combo, so you can lick your plate without actually licking it.

ID: 1206702

36. The invention that will change the way spaghetti gets into your mouth.

ID: 1206712

37. This sorcery that turns a can of soda into a mug.

It also keeps your hands from getting all cold.

ID: 1206743

38. The most epic hangover cure of all time.

It’s a Bloody Mary, topped with food… YES.

ID: 1206785

39. The cat toy that requires you do absolutely zero work.


ID: 1206811

40. The best way to ever get your cheese balls.

ID: 1206744

41. The sleep helmet that keeps your head suctioned to the window.

ID: 1207940

42. And this wine hat, so you can live your life to the wino fullest!

ID: 1206296

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