28 Ways To Live Life Like Lucille Bluth

Because we all want to be like Lucille when we grow up.

1. Demand perfection when it comes to alcohol.

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2. Stay classy, and call it like you see it.

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3. Be compassionate toward other beliefs.

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4. When it comes to mothering, your children’s health is what’s most important.

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5. Never ever go to Arizona.

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6. Don’t let anyone touch your yogurt.

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7. Always see the bright side of every situation.

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8. When in doubt, refuse to answer any untoward questions.

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9. Wink often and for longer than recommended.

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10. Never forget the most important meal of the day.


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11. Remind your children that you’re watching their every move.

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12. And are extremely disappointed in their life choices.

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13. Because in the end, their actions have very real consequences.

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14. Suspect that anyone who wears a hat is part of a gang.

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16. Know your limits.

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17. Remember that criticism is the sincerest form of judgment.

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18. Acknowledge the help, and give yourself a giggle in the process.

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19. If something isn’t to your liking, find a way to change that.

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20. Be an animal lover.

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21. Have a healthy fear of foreigners.

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22. And make sure that people have a healthy fear of you.

No matter what you have to do to prove that.

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23. Be completely out of touch with the world normal people have to live in.

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24. Lie to your children.

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25. Know that sometimes words aren’t needed when it comes to expressing how you feel.

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26. A simple judgmental glance should do the trick.

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27. Or a sneer while you drink.

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28. And NEVER underestimate the effectiveness of a good eye roll.

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