28 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is The Sexiest Man On “Walking Dead”

If I were a zombie, I’d save him for last, because he’d be the tastiest. Nom nom nom.

1. When Daryl slings a crossbow over his shoulder, the heavens part and a blinding white light of sexual heat appears.

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2. But even when the heavens don’t part, his arm muscles flex and bring all the zombies to the yard.

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3. Sometimes he nods, and it’s sexy as hell.

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4. Other times, his hair flutters slightly in the wind and I black out a little.

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5. Occasionally he shoots a gun of awesome through our heads, and that is also super-hot.

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6. He’s a man who makes threats so confidently that it actually makes my heart race in delicious fear.

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7. A man who doesn’t take shit from anyone.

And we like that.

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8. Can deftly fight sass with sass.

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9. And knows what’s really important* during a zombie apocalypse.

*Drinking heavily.

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10. He’s fiercely loyal, especially when it comes to family. (Hello, marriage material!)

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11. And even if it seems like all Daryl does is kill, kill, kill, then pose like some manic Greek god…

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12. …the truth is, he has a super-soft side when it comes to protecting those who need it most.

Just look at him feeding Rick’s daughter, Little Ass-Kicker!

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13. And isn’t afraid to put his life in danger if it means saving someone else’s. Swoon.

Remember how long he held out hope for Sophia?!

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14. In fact, sometimes he has so many beautiful emotions that it’s hard to hold them in.

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15. They well out of his beautiful eyes, and force our eyes to also leak out less beautiful tears.

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16. But he’s still a total badass who rides a motorcycle.

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17. And he’ll shoot the undead in the face for you.

ID: 1028400

18. Or chop their heads off while flashing some sexy midriff as a bonus.

ID: 1028401

19. Hells bells, even a poncho won’t stop this man from kicking some serious ass!

ID: 1027961

20. Because in the words of Daryl…

ID: 1027854

21. Killing zombies is a dirty job, but Daryl knows how to get it done while keeping his cool.

ID: 1027832

22. And by “keeping his cool,” I mean “throwing some smoking-hot eyes our way.”

ID: 1027757

23. To be fair, who needs eyes when you’ve got hair like this?

ID: 1027769

24. Or arrows, in general.

ID: 1027986

25. The only thing Daryl doesn’t need are words…

ID: 1027644

26. …because beautiful people don’t need words to light a fire in our loins.

ID: 1027804

27. All they need is their stunning face.

ID: 1027958

28. Or in general, their body. Oh my stars. DEM. ARMS. Now I can’t breathe… The air is escaping my lungs and…

Yes, yes it’s happened: I’ve died from happiness and returned as an undead wannabe bride of Daryl. It’s majestic.

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