25 Texts That Will Make You Appreciate Your Mom

The greatest gift any mother can give is texting you something ridiculous. Happy Mother’s Day!

1. Moms worry about your dick safety.

DRINK. I meant DRINK safety…

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2. They make sure your texts are working.

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3. They understand the importance of pop culture references.

ID: 1142660

4. And remember which catchy songs you like.

So thoughtful!

ID: 1142526

5. They give you more credit than you deserve.

ID: 1142619

6. Moms sometimes do pretty adorable things, like forget how to insert spaces.

I mean, they don’t know what SPACES are.

ID: 1142528

7. And they have no idea what acronyms mean, which is also adorbs.

It’s hilarious.

ID: 1137295

8. Like, they seriously have no idea.

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10. They also don’t understand emoticons, for that matter.

ID: 1137299

11. And tend to use wayyyy to many of them.

But in a pretty cute way, right?

ID: 1142593

12. Moms don’t always need words to communicate, because they have hand signals.

ID: 1142750

13. Unlike the rest of us, a mom doesn’t always have her mind in the gutter.

Honestly, you people are filthy.

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14. Moms will own you in three words or less.

ID: 1142553

15. They’ll also trick you into revealing your whereabouts.

You won’t even see it coming.

ID: 1137311

16. Moms motivate you to be a better, cleaner person.

ID: 1142547

17. And make you question the meaning of life and death on the regular.

ID: 1142558

18. Speaking of death, moms will kill a bitch for you.

ID: 1142633

19. And if you kill a bitch, they’ll show you how to hide the body.

ID: 1142702

20. Moms want you to have friends, and will motivate you to make some.

ID: 1142737

21. Even if the friends you make are sketchy, they’ll still support you.

ID: 1142729

22. Moms won’t spoil you with coddling, they move straight to mocking.

ID: 1142664

23. Moms just want to see you settle down with someone nice.

Murderers need love too!

ID: 1142705

24. Even if that someone nice is…them.

xoxo moms

ID: 1142540

25. And best of all is that they’ll always love you, even when you text them at 3 in the morning about a fart.

ID: 1142718

Happy Mother’s Day, texting moms!

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