25 Kids Who Know The Secret To Happiness

Looks like it’s time to start making some life changes.

1. Becoming leader of the pack.

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2. Traveling to new and exotic lands!

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3. Bubbles.

ID: 984307

4. And more bubbles.

ID: 984373

5. Finding a career that’s fulfilling.

ID: 984305

6. Being open about who you really are: a dragon.

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7. Making cookies without burning the house down!

ID: 984311

8. A hug from an elephant.

ID: 984321

9. Feeling the slimey insides of a carved pumpkin.

ID: 984328

10. Being direct about your feelings.

ID: 984329

11. A fluffy cat.

ID: 984331

12. Taking a tricycle out for a spin while dressed as a unicorn.

ID: 984372

13. Fallen leaves!

ID: 984387

14. Bunnies!

ID: 984611

16. A good LOL with your camel bestie.

ID: 984550

17. Cake and ice cream, duh.

ID: 984573

18. Reveling in the feel of sand between your fingers.

ID: 984577

19. Just being a happy little Buddha.

ID: 984613

20. Brightening someone’s day by giving them freshly picked flowers.

ID: 984687

21. Confirming that the people around you have good dental hygiene.

ID: 985194

22. Catching an epic wave with a Fabio look-alike.

ID: 984608

23. Having the hottest beach ride around.

ID: 984706

24. Being the world’s youngest fireman.

ID: 984752

25. Slipping and sliding without fear of the consequences.

ID: 984749

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