16 Signs You’re Too Old To Be In This Bar

If you’ve ever thought, “Can I bring my kid to a bar?” Then you’re too old.

1. The first question you have before going out is: “Do they serve food…?”

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2. Staying out “late” means you’re leaving by midnight. And if your friends try to stop you, you will hurt them.

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3. You get irrationally angry at nonsensical bar names.

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4. It’s way too fucking loud to have a conversation, and that pisses you off.

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5. You’ve never heard any of the songs playing, and you secretly think they suck.

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6. The idea of standing the whole night makes you want to blow your brains out.

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7. Coasters are used at all times.

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8. This is you after one drink.

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9. You react violently when someone tries to hit on you, because you don’t put up with that bullshit anymore.

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10. When your friend asks if you want to coordinate outfits, this is what you imagine would be fun.

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11. When someone buys a shot, it takes all your strength not to laugh in their face.

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12. When people pose for Instagram pics, you’re totally not having it.

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13. This is how you politely dance.

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14. And you tend to get annoyed when drunk people dance on the bar.

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15. This is how you hit on people.

ID: 1175619

16. And you brought your baby to the bar.

Go home, drunk dad, you’re drunk.

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