16 People Who Don’t Realize They’re Being Douche Bags

Here’s what not to do with your life.

1. The guy who should’ve changed before this adorable family photo.

ID: 932509

2. The guy who doesn’t need a gym to show off his guns.

ID: 931890

3. The biker who caught some air, and a guy’s head.

ID: 931915

4. The man with two “funny” car decals.

ID: 931946

5. Anyone wearing one of these.

ID: 931954

6. The perfect catch.

ID: 932201

7. Thomas Edison.

ID: 932511

8. The guy who thinks driveways are for jerks.

ID: 932517

9. The people who made this elevator sign.

ID: 932524

10. The guy who wears his Bluetooth to dinner.

ID: 932124

11. The thoughtful person who wrote this on her friend’s car.

ID: 932525

12. The world’s worst portrait drawer.

ID: 932532

13. The professional golfer who choked under handshake pressure.

ID: 932634

14. The person who’s all take and no give.

ID: 932570

15. The person who came up with this romantic gift.

ID: 932632

16. The friends who let this happen.

ID: 932647

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