16 Fancy Gifts For Book Nerds

Need something nifty for the bookish person in your life that isn’t, well, a book? We’ve got some ideas.

1. Book with Bass

This one will impress the coffeehouse hipster bookie: An iPhone doc made from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Perfection.

2. Shoulder Swag

For the hopeless romantic, Mr. Darcy–loving book friend. (Plus, it has antique brass buckles!)

3. Warming Words

Wrap your book geekery around your neck with this Tale of Two Cities scarf. (Fair warning: Prepare to have your neck ogled.)

4. Total Charmer

WWJD? He’d get a charm bracelet that says, “Got Books?” Maybe. Maybe he’d do that. Probably not, though. (But you could!)

5. Eau de Library

Want to smell like freshly printed books? Great, because Karl Lagerfeld has a perfume for that.

6. Plant Yourself…

…in a good book, with these sprouting bookmarks.

7. Witchcraft

Invisible bookshelves? They said it was impossible, but behold!

8. Keep Your Books Close

And your book locket’s closer with this creepy-cool necklace.

9. Baby Got Books

For the Sir-Reads-A-Lot in your life.

10. Elementary Sophistication

For the Watson in your life: a Sherlock Holmes brooch.

11. You Know What Time It Is

Book time!

12. Defining Frame

For only $7.99, you get an owl, a typewriter, and a dictionary page.

13. Jane Austen Tea Towel

Who knows where you’ll put this cute towel (the bathroom? Kitchen? Across your eyes to shield them from the blinding sun that you’ve missed all these years from reading too much?), and who cares. It’s adorable.

14. Travel in Bookish Style

Not only are these bright enough to distinguish your chic black bag from the luggage sea, but they’re based on the original Penguin Classic covers of D.H. Lawrence’s The Lost Girl and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. Spiffy!

15. Muggles Need Not Apply

Harry Potter coasters for all that coffee/booze you’ll drink while reading.

16. Alone with Your Books

And a bookish mug to put that coffee/booze in!


In case you want to buy any of these, you can find the product at the source link!

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