29 Things The U.K. Does That The U.S. Needs To Start Doing

Get it together, America.

1. Mixing beer with cider.

It’s called a snakebite, and it will get you dancing on tables in no time.

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2. Taking four weeks’ paid vacation

That’s twice as many days off, which explains why the Brits are half as likely to have public meltdowns on the subway.

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3. Incorporating Yorkshire pudding in our dinners.

They’re little savory dough cups to fill with gravy and food before shoving into your mouth-hole. We’ve been eating dinner wrong this whole time.

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4. Cursing on TV after 9 p.m.

Shoot, these mamajamas know what’s up.

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5. Eating biscuits (cookies) with coffee or tea.

Like custard creams, which are like the blonde cousin of the Oreo but twice as delicious.

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6. Celebrating bank holidays

Even more days off!

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7. Embracing “wet cakes,” like trifle.

Cakes are great but that flour stuff really gets in the way of the gooey deliciousness.

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8. Legally drinking at 18.

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Old enough to go to war but not old enough to drink a beer? There’s something wrong with that.

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9. Watching Peep Show.

We’ve adopted so much British television already, the self-deprecating dry comedy Peep Show is an obvious next step.

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10. The ability to buy alcohol at any hour of the night.

Twenty-four hour newsagent = twenty-four hour beers. In some parts of our great nation you can’t get a beer after 9 p.m. Nine! P.M.!

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11. Seeing boobs in the news.

Well, we could probably leave the page three girls to The Sun, but the U.S. could use a more relaxed attitude toward nudity in the media.

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12. Lax open-container laws.

Imagine a world where you can chug a beer on the subway, sip a cider on the street, or knock back a bottle of merlot in the park. That magical kingdom exists, you guys. The United Kingdom.

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13. Greggs

Pastries, sandwiches, bread, salads, soups, bread, pastas, desserts, bread, and bread. Sometimes they’re open 24 hours.

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14. Using a coin system that makes sense.

The only coin in U.S. currency inscribed with a numerical amount is the nickel, and it literally says the words “five cents.” How unhelpful is that to the illiterate or tourists? Or illiterate tourists!

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15. Castles

The Disney castles do not count.

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16. Donkey rides on the beach.

youtube.com / Via http://ComedyClipsBlog

Why the eff not?

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17. Eating fries with curry sauce.

For those who require more of a kick than ketchup.

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18. Cheese rolling

Which is where grown humans throw their bodies down a steep hill to capture a wheel of cheese. Whoever wins gets £1000 (but most importantly, free cheese).

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19. Offering the full English breakfast as a menu option.

Because one meat at breakfast isn’t enough of meats.

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20. Speaking with dat accent.

Every human being* loves a British accent.

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21. Throwing parades that don’t suck.

Like the Caribbean Carnivals, which are more like a giant street party and less like people marching somberly down the road.

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22. Signs that notify you when the next train is coming.

Or a more efficient rail system in general.

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23. Accepting a range of ideologies.

There’s good old Charles Darwin on the 10-pound note. That shit would never fly in America.

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24. Shopping at markets.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

We need more markets.

ID: 1205015

25. Writing the date in a way that makes logical sense.

We’re blowing it, you guys.

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26. Embracing the comedy of Monty Python.

This should be mandatory viewing for all U.S. citizens.

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27. Free museums that are actually free.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Not suggested-donation-of-$29-and-I’ll-give-you-a-look-if-you-decline-to-donate free. Actually free.

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28. Offering affordable tuition fees (or FREE tuition, like in Scotland).

In buildings that look like this!

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29. Producing people who look like this:

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

We could use a few of these in America.

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