21 Reasons To Be Grateful You’re No Longer A Teen

Feeling old? At least you don’t have a bedtime.

1. Your punishments were a lot more cruel and unusual.

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2. You had curfews.

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3. Dealing with zits was endless.

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4. Your parents constantly embarrassed you.

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5. Life was either too hard…

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6. …Or painfully boring.

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7. You were stuck in an awkward phase in your life.

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8. You weren’t old enough to buy alcohol.

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9. …And even if you were, you hadn’t learned to handle it yet.

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10. So you were constantly sneaking around.

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11. Which might explain why you felt generally angsty all the time.

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12. You had to rely on your parents for rides.

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13. And financial support.

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14. School fried your brain.

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15. Hormones fried whatever was left of your brain.

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16. You just wanted to be in control of your own life!

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17. But instead you spent your days learning stuff you didn’t care about.

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18. Or writing papers on subjects you didn’t care about.

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19. Or being forced to do things you didn’t care about.

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20. So don’t feel bad that you’re getting older.

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21. Because you’ll never look like this again:

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