37 Reasons Bobby Moynihan Deserves To Have The Best 37th Birthday Ever

What would Saturday Night Live be without him?

1. Bobby Moynihan is a gift from the gods to bring light and laughter into our lives every Saturday night.

ID: 2355633

2. He’s a better Christie than Christie.

ID: 2355625

3. He’s a better Snooki than Snooki.

ID: 2355569

4. He’s a better Rob Ford than Rob Ford.

ID: 2357959

5. He looks goddamn adorable bear-hugging Big Bird.

ID: 2355433

6. And snuggling a fuzzy-wuzzy kitten.

ID: 2355405

7. He is a triple threat: Actor, comedian, and triple-gold-medal figure skater.

ID: 2356731

8. One time he dressed up like a pig and danced with Melissa McCarthy and the world stopped spinning for a second.

ID: 2355644

9. He summarized our generation in a single sentence better than any 15,000-word op-ed ever could:

ID: 2356745

10. His honesty puts George Washington’s cherry tree malarky to shame. SHAME.

ID: 2355828

11. He’s incredibly persuasive (especially when wielding giant knives in tiny overalls).

ID: 2355837

12. He’s adventurous!

ID: 2355925

13. Look how adorable he’s going to look when he’s old:

ID: 2356535

14. Look how adorable he looked in high school:*


*Dramatic recreation, not actual footage.

ID: 2356548

15. Look how adorable he is AS A DOG:

ID: 2357201

16. He somehow manages to make Fox anchors seem likable. With ACTING!

ID: 2356562

17. It might have been for a skit, but he literally said these words to Adam Levine:

ID: 2356740

18. We can all agree this was peak “Wrecking Ball”:

ID: 2356751

19. He’s a world-class ball buster.

ID: 2357192

20. One time Taran Killam surprised him on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and the world’s climate increased a full degree from all the warm fuzzies it gave the audience.

ID: 2356776

21. He literally outshines Justin Bieber.

ID: 2356874

22. He gives Lady Gaga a run for her money.

ID: 2356909

23. Who even is Drake? WHO EVEN IS HE WHEN BOBBY’S THERE?

ID: 2356877

24. Can I ask you a question? Did you even notice Beyoncé in this photo?

ID: 2357180

25. Seriously! Be honest with yourself for one measly second: Bobby’s an equal if not better dancer than Justin Timberlake.

ID: 2356927

26. This was some of the greatest silent acting of all time. Oscar, take note!

ID: 2356816

27. The man is on fire.

ID: 2357120

28. He has the concentration of a tightrope walker on Adderall.

ID: 2357178

29. He’s not afraid to say how he feels.

ID: 2357128

30. He stands up for what he believes in, even if it’s not “cool.”

ID: 2357153

31. He’s a total optimist in a dark, cynical world.

ID: 2357194

32. And he’s incredibly, outrageously dedicated.

ID: 2357207

33. But mostly he just says funny things.

ID: 2357167

34. Or does funny things.

ID: 2356852

35. Or yells funny things.

ID: 2356828

36. Or does whatever this is:

ID: 2357172

37. And the world—nay, universe!—would be lost without him. Happy birthday, Bobby!

ID: 2357276

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